Feb 24, 2012

We must be related

Marielle at 18 months                   Jared at 2 years

Yep-he's mine.

Dec 16, 2011

Merry Christmas 2011

I'll start this post with our most recent news: we moved to Riverton, Wyoming!!!  Steven accepted a job as the City Administrator here and began his new position at the end of August.  The boys and I stayed in McMinnville with the house on the market and lots of prayers that it would sell soon.  Our prayers were answered and we were able to move out here the first week of December.  We're pretty sure our Christmas will be white because it snowed the day before we arrived here and the temperatures have not been above freezing yet, so the snow (even though frozen and crunchy) is here to stay.  There is much to say about what's going on in our lives; I'll try to narrow it down so you've got time to read others' letters.

Jared, 2 1/2, is talking up a storm.  He thinks he is in charge at our house.  He probably is.  He loves being outside as much as possible and during the summer he figured out how to slip on his rain boots so he could ride his bike around the yard without burning his feet.  As the rain started in, he kept up the boot routine and could be found splashing in every puddle his eye could see.  Even now, he'll walk in the snow rather than on the sidewalk.  He loves playing with his older brothers and really misses them during the day, especially now that Andrew's schedule changed with the move.  He has found his singing voice, making us all smile when he finds a songbook and starts singing what sounds like beautiful nonsense to us, but is probably a beautiful hymn in his mind.

Andrew, 6, went from half day kindergarten in McMinnville to all day kindergarten here.   He loves school, he loves reading, and math, and stations, and art, and music, and P.E.  You get the idea.  Being in school all day has been a bit of an adjustment for him, one that I'm sure we'll conquer just in time for Christmas break.  :)  He learned to ride his bike with just 2 wheels this year and he may have earned a noise maker for his bike as a reward.  Really, this means I can always hear him and know where he is.  He LOVES to color and draw, even learning how to look at an object or picture and draw it in good detail.  Steven and I are never without a picture and note made especially for us by this sweet boy. 

Benjamin, 8, was baptized in March of this year.  We were glad to give Papa, Nana, and 2 cousins an excuse to come visit us.  Springtime also meant garden time at our house and Benjamin really loves this stuff.  He planted lots of flowers and vegetables in the garden and all over the yard and then he tended to each one all summer long.  Thankfully, he and his brothers love to eat lots of veggies.  Being 8 also meant joining Cub Scouts and he has enjoyed being part of a den, doing some great activities, and participating in week -long day camp.  His 3rd grade teacher in McMinnville was amazing! and in just 3 months  helped Benjamin come out of his shy shell and flourish in his schoolwork.  His adjustment to a new school and new teacher seems to be going alright.  Piano lessons and practicing are still part of his daily schedule, sometimes he even does it with a smile on his face.  He'd be a happy kid if I'd let him play MarioCart all day long.  Actually, it doesn't take much for Benjamin to be happy, which we all benefit from when making him laugh-what a great sound.

Adam, 11, is much busier, or should I say, keeps me much busier.  He participated in cross country and improved his time at each meet.  Boy Scouts seems to fitting him just fine; he loves learning about everything and the wide array of merit badges available is exciting to him.  In June he entered a photography contest and took 2nd place.  This summer he was able to spend 2 weeks with Nana and Papa Millington, and a few cousins, as they built a deck, kept the cows fed, mowed the lawns, and added to the mounting laundry pile in Nana's laundry room.   While he was away, he paid his younger brothers to cover his paper route, which they didn't like until the money appeared.  Then they were always available for hire.  Beginning middle school was a bit hard the first couple of weeks; learning how to work a combination, get to class on time, keep track of assignments, and still try to be social, (I hope the really expensive binder I bought him helped with all this) but he was soon in the groove, and I think the transition to a new school is easier with the other "stuff" already mastered. 
All four boys love being outside: swimming, riding bikes, playing ball, digging in the dirt, catching frogs and snakes (yep-good times) and helping with the garden.  They really hope this winter time move means some ice fishing for them and summertime brings more fishing and camping. 

I found a clogging group at the beginning of the year, dusted off my shoes from 20 years ago, and jumped right in.  The gals I danced with were all senior citizens, but I loved 'em all.  We had a lot of fun at our weekly class and occasional performances.  I also was able to train for and participate in my first half marathon in June.  I probably couldn't have done it without the 3 other gals I ran with.  Our uplifting conversations during long runs helped pass the time.

Steven has been busy learning the ropes of a new position but really enjoys his work and the people he works with.  In July, Steven and Adam joined their Weaver cousins in a hike through part of the Narrows.  They had so much fun it may become an annual event.

We have much to be grateful for including our family, our dear friends, and our knowledge of Jesus Christ and His importance in our lives.  We hope that this letter finds you all healthy, happy, and blessed by our Savior in your lives as well.

Merry Christmas!

Nov 22, 2011

What I'm doing...

I know posts have been a bit sporadic and, well, things just aren't going to improve around here for a couple of weeks.  Our house is finally "sale pending" so I'm packing and cleaning.  We leave in just a few days and then I'll be consumed with getting the kids in school, unpacking, and most importantly-putting up the Christmas tree.  I plan to post a Christmas letter the first full week of December.  Until then-enjoy your Thanksgiving and the beginning of the most wonderful time of the year!