Apr 18, 2011

Bedroom Re-do

I've been planning on painting my bedroom for about a month now.  I had found some great bedding and chosen the right paint.  Then life took over and the re-do got pushed to the backburner.  Last week I decided it was time.  I had already started cleaning out my bedroom when I wised up and took a picture.  (The cute boy is an added bonus)  This is the before picture with green paint that we've had for 6 years and the bedding that we've had since we moved in as well.  It was a nice color, but I was done with it.

This next image is the after picture.  The wall color is "Tropical Straw" and I love it!  It is very calming.  The bedding is the third set I bought.  (heehee) I returned the other two after bringing them home and looking at them in my room.  I'm glad the lamps and curtains match, I probably wouldn't replace them if they didn't.  I need to find some kind of art work to go above the bed, but that may take some time. 

I am so glad with how it feels and how it all came together.  I love it!

Apr 14, 2011

Mom! Mom!

 So, I'm downstairs cleaning up lunch, and I hear, "Mom, Mom!"  I realize that brother #4 is upstairs and there are numerous things he could get in that he probably shouldn't be in.  Brother #3 and I raced upstairs to find this:

Brother #4 had climbed up the changing table and then on to the dresser.  Frightening for me.  (By the way-he has not done it again since.)  I stayed close by and asked Brother #3 to go get the camera so I could take pictures.  After all, this must be recorded for future reference.  :)

Yep-that's the edge!

But, he is still so stinkin' cute!

Apr 3, 2011

Eight years old

See this cute boy?  He's 8 now.  Guess what that means...


He was baptized on March 26, 2011.  The meeting was very nice, we had some good friends and leaders there.  We also were so glad to have Papa, Nana, and two cute cousins come join us. 
Brother #2 was so excited; I enjoyed watching him smile all day.