Feb 28, 2011

Pine Wood Derby

Pine Wood Derby 2011 was so much better than the first one 2 years ago.  Brother 1 and Steven are starting to get the hang of how to build a faster car.  Adam was excited about the design of his car as well as the finishing work (hint-I cheated and bought a wrap that he adhered similar to a child's tattoo).

Here-Adam is placing his car on the track. 
Cheering for his car...

End of the racing-he came in fourth overall, but was given an award for best decoration.  All the cub scouts were so good to each other-really cheering each other on and giving each other a pat on the back.  That helped so much.  Adam's sportsmanship was much better this year than in the past. 
It was a fun night for all.
And for the record-we only have 9 more derby cars to go....

Feb 19, 2011

Surrogate Grandparents

We have been so blessed to become friends with a couple in our ward who are so kind and so loving.  We love Paul and Jackie and we feel loved by them as well.  Everytime we see them, Andrew will run over and give them both a great big hug.  Last fall they invited us over for hamburgers and smores.  They have a beautiful home and yard and with the weather cooperating, we were able to be outside all evening.

Outside, warm weather, a fire, poking sticks, and chocolate.  My kids were in heaven.  Good company, good food, no clean up.  I was in heaven. 

We had such a wonderful time. I cherish our friendship with this great couple. I'm blessed to know them.