Sep 10, 2010

Family- like a Garden

This year our garden has been a new adventure.  Our boys requested a garden box of their own-which we built- and then they told us what they wanted to plant in their box: radishes, potatoes, lettuce, basil, peppers, and edamame.  Hmmm, okay.  Why not?  How can I teach them anything about growing and nurturing a garden if I say no?  So we did it.  We had to hunt all over to find edamame seeds, and everywhere we went we were told, "edamame won't grow here".  We had to find out for ourselves.  We warned the boys, prepared the soil, and planted. 

As in years past, we have always prayed for our garden, that it might grow, that we might be able to enjoy the bounty.  And, we weed it, we water, we watch, carefully.  This year was no different in that regard; however, we have had a VERY mild summer.  But guess what:

And guess what else: Edamame from your garden are SO much tastier than edamame from the store. :)

Given the cool weather, we did have had an overall successful year.   

We had a stake president once who would always talk about the parable of the tomato.  I'm beginning to understand. 

As a child of God, I have been given a "garden box" of 4 beautiful boys, and while I am at their side we till the soil, prepare it, and then plant, and I have many opportunities to talk about Faith, about Work, about Prayer. 
As a parent, I am trying to nurture my children and I, myself, am learning much about Faith, about Work, about Prayer.  Like a garden, I try to keep the "weeds" out, and bring the good "water" in to our home.  Not all days are bright and shiny days, but most are.   I warn about more than a few seeds not sprouting, I prepare them as best as I can, and I teach.  I don't have to wait until they are older to experience the bounty; the joy of motherhood.  I get little glimpses every day.