Jul 16, 2010

The Millington's

We recently returned from our annual Weaver Reunion in St. George, UT.  I'll post more on that later.  As it turns out, the reunion ended on a Friday and so we decided to head even further south, (and even hotter I might add) and visit my brother, Jade, and his family.  Well, his family anyway.  Jade stopped in for breakfast on Thursday morning-he was Hi-ing to Kolob for Girl's Camp.  (hee hee)  So we got to see Liz, Bennett, and Hannah. 
Hannah just turned 5 and starts kindergarten this fall.  She loves all things girl so this present from Nana is PERFECT for her. 

She put the apron to use helping Liz make a delicious Lemon Yogurt Cake with blueberry sauce. 

Yummy!  She was so cute-and patient with all the boys around.  On Saturday morning, she and Andrew peeked their heads in my bedroom and Hannah said-"we can't go to sleep any longer".  Well-that was it-how can you turn this face away?

We've gone to Vegas to see Jade & Liz a few times before, but this year was especially important to us-my boys have been very worried about their cousin.  Bennett is on the left, the three on the right are mine.

Bennett was diagnosed with Perthes Disease at the beginning of the year.  This has been quite a trial for he and his family.  The pain, as I understand it, has been so unbearable at times that he hasn't wanted to climb the stairs, or run and play at recess, or generally be an active 6 (almost 7) year old boy.  We've prayed for Bennett in every prayer and we talk about how Bennett is doing with every update we get.  Through physical therapy, anti-inflammatory drugs, rest, and treatment with the use of a traction boot, it appears that the pain is under control.  He's not cured.  I observed his movement-he's very careful with the left hip/leg, he's learned to compensate.  To be able to get in the pool and play with Bennett was a relief to my kids-and to me.  Look at this boy, who even with this trial, has a spirit larger than life:

Hang in there Bennett!  We are so glad we got to see you guys!  We love you!


Millington Family said...

What a wonderful entry- it got me a little teary. Thanks for such kind words. We are so glad you came to visit us and miss you already, it was our treat!

Natalie said...

Ooh, thank you. What a great story to put on your blog. I loved it, love it, treasure it. I cried and cried. You know me. He is the inspiration for all of us.