Feb 19, 2011

Surrogate Grandparents

We have been so blessed to become friends with a couple in our ward who are so kind and so loving.  We love Paul and Jackie and we feel loved by them as well.  Everytime we see them, Andrew will run over and give them both a great big hug.  Last fall they invited us over for hamburgers and smores.  They have a beautiful home and yard and with the weather cooperating, we were able to be outside all evening.

Outside, warm weather, a fire, poking sticks, and chocolate.  My kids were in heaven.  Good company, good food, no clean up.  I was in heaven. 

We had such a wonderful time. I cherish our friendship with this great couple. I'm blessed to know them.

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Natalie said...

You are belssed to know them - and have them in your life!! Who is luckiest? You and your family - or the surrogate grandparents? I told you the first time I met her that I liked her a whole lot. I am only mildly (wildly) jealous!!