Sep 20, 2011

First day of School

School started the day after Labor Day here.  I know it has been 2 weeks, but better late than never.

Brother #1 started 6th grade this year.  The first week of learning locker combinations and getting to class before the bell was a bit of a challenge, but cross country also started, and he is in his element so there may be a balance.

Brother #2 started 3rd grade with the teacher #1 had when he was that age.  #2 is glad to have this great teacher, but still wonders why there is only one Saturday in the week and 5 school days.

Brother #3 headed off to kindergarten without a glance back...until the second week, then he suddenly got nervous.  I think we've worked out the jitters and are back on track.

Brother #4 is in this picture and holding his very own "backpack" (#1's lunchbox).  Everyday when his brothers get on the bus he looks at me and says "me, mom".  In a few years my son-and I'm afraid it will come quicker that I'd like.


Jaime said...

Often, Micah talks about how everyone gets to go to school but him. If it came down to it, I'm sure he'd rather be home with me anyway though.

Natalie said...

I love thowse boys!! And I miss Grandma, too. I miss my Mom a ton, especially thigs time of year.