Oct 2, 2011


Brother #1 decided to complete the music  merit  badge for scouts.  To complete one of the requirements, he arranged his own variation of "Carol of the Bells".  Then he called a very talented woman in our ward who has a great keyboard/computer set up, she was willing to help him put the song "on paper"-actually with technology, it didn't even go on paper...he viewed it on the computer screen as he entered each note and then it was saved to the computer.  A couple of weeks later he was able to go back to her home and record the song.  We are so grateful for her help-she was not only patient, but encouraging.  Both versions of his song are available now.  To listen to the song go to her website:  www.annebrittmusic.com  On the left hand side, under SHARE is a white box with her songs listed.  Carol of the Bells is #50.  Or to view the music:  http://annebrittmusic.com/pdf/carolofthebells.pdf

He had such a great time learning some very basic composing tips to create his own song-he has already expressed interest in trying his hand at it again soon.

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Natalie said...

I am so glad you put this on your blog. I needed to find her website. What great talent that young boy has! Keep up the challenges.