Jun 3, 2010

This House

Does anybody recognize this house?

What about this view?  April?  Beth?  Kristina?


Think 1985.  Maybe "never say die" would help.  Yes?  No?
It's in a movie-it's rated PG.  They are having a huge 25th anniversary celebration this weekend.  We just spent a weekend in the town where it was filmed.  Numerous other films were shot on location in this town as well.  I know there's a movie buff out there that can identify it. 

I saw this movie when I was a 12 or 13.  There were some parts that I didn't like-but it was because they were kind of scary.  Then Steven and I watched the movie a few months ago on television. 
SHOCKING!  It wasn't the scary parts that bugged me this time, it was the innuendos.  That's it, my boys are NEVER watching this show.  (yeah, that will probably only last a few more years)

Ok-give me your best guesses.  Then I'll tell you more about our weekend.