Nov 24, 2010

Benjamin's Flower

Sometime late last Spring, Benjamin burst through the door and proudly told me he had planted some flowers.  After inspection, and finding seed packets all over the yard, I told him that was great!, and then I explained how to care for the seed and future plant.  He listened to every word and every day during the summer, he would fill up a paper cup and go water his plant.  It grew all summer and got to be about 24" tall.  Unfortunately, when I looked at it all I saw was a giant weed, but Benjamin kept insisting that his flower had a bud, or that it was about to blossom.  At the end of the summer, Benjamin once again burst through the door to tell me he had a beautiful pink flower!  We hustled outside and sure enough-he did it!

See-tucked in right next to the weed, was his beautiful Zinnia.  Success!  He had been so diligent and it had payed off.  He was so happy!

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Natalie said...

In all our talking, I never heard about this! Good for Benjamin. The zinnia is beautiful. I sure don't know how to raise them. He did a great job! Hooray, Benjamin.