Jan 15, 2011

Books I'd like to read...

I read quite a few books last year and I wish I would have kept a list of the books and authors.  I did read the "Hunger Games".  I also started a series called "City of Ember".    This year I have a list of books I would like to read, including these:

Okay, the truth is: I have already read "Tiger's Quest" by Colleen Houck.  It is book two in her tiger series.  The first book is "Tiger's Curse" which I started and finished the day after Christmas.  I neglected all my other responsibilities while reading both books.  These books are labeled young adult ficiton, making them both a quick read.  To find out more about these books or the author, go here.  For the record, Colleen currently lives in Salem, Oregon but grew up with her family in Tucson, Arizon, in Steven's ward/stake.  Congratulations to Colleen who originally self-published "Tiger's Curse" before being picked up by Sterling.  Just last week, she was #1 on Barnes & Noble Topsellers for teens.  Quite a journey.

Second truth: Andrew was sick this week and just wanted mom to sit on the couch next to him.  I took advantage of the time and read "Charlie St. Cloud" by Ben Sherwood.  I've been wanting to see the movie, but I like to read the books first.  As is almost the case for me, I'm glad I read the book first.  Steven brought the movie home from Redbox on Thursday and we watched it.  I have a friend who loves reading but when she gets to a part in a book that takes the book from PG to PG-13, if she owns the book, she'll get out a black sharpie and cross it all out.  If I owned "Charlie St. Cloud", I would have crossed out chapter 25.  The movie was not as revealing as the book in this case but both were decent entertainment.

I looked at the "Smoothies" recipe book.  Most recipes called for gin, tonic, or caro.  It's already gone back to the library. 

Not pictured are two more books I have already read: "Paint the Wind" by Pam Munoz Ryan (LOVED IT!) and "Diamond Willow" by Helen Frost.  These books are included in the Oregon Battle of the Books list for grades 3-5.  Adam read 15 of the 16 books.  I've tried to keep up with him.  It's a great way to read more authors and genres.  We've enjoyed reading the same books and talking about them.  He just finished "Theodore Boone" by John Grisham.  Yes-the same John Grisham of adult books but this one is for a younger audience.  It's now sitting on my nightstand waiting for me.  Adam tells me the end is a cliffhanger.  Hmmm...another book on the way?

So there you have it.  My beginning list.  I'm planning to write a post for book reviews.  Feel free to share your favorite reads.  And for the record-I'm halfway through the January Ensign.  :)  I also recommend it.


Jaime said...

Kind of recently I've enjoyed reading The Help, Jane Eyre, also Hunger Games. I love a lot of the older juvenile books actually. I want to read the last tennis shoes among the Nephites book that came out recently I think (it wasn't out when I initially read them with Jacen), the last Fablehaven book, and the last Eragon book. I have some catching up to do on those series. Oh, I also loved Tisha recently, about a young teacher who moves to Alaska to teach--so good. Sometimes I think about re-reading the Twilight series but am not sure my family is up for losing me to those books for a week.

Natalie said...

I wish I had kept a list of what I have read. I know that I read more than it seems. Ensign? I am still working on conference issue. . . .November 201 that is. Gathering Series is good. You were with me, the author signed my first one in TF just before temple was dedicated. Lexi reads one of that series every time she is here.

Natalie said...

I loved Mrs Mike. Time to read it again. This will be about the 8th time. Some things just never wear out. Ok, I am done for now.

Jaime said...

I loved Mrs. Mike too.