Jan 25, 2011

Courage and Faith

Adam's class has recently held some impromptu discussions on religion.  Last Thursday, Adam came home and announced that he was going to give a Book of Mormon to his teacher.  We pulled a Book of Mormon from the shelf and talked to Adam about his testimony.  He spent a couple of days thinking and praying about what he wanted to say.  On Sunday, he wrote his testimony in the front of the book and on Monday he gave the book to his teacher.  She was surprised that he wasn't just lending the book to her, but that it was her copy to keep.  She promised Adam she would read it.  I could only hope for the same kind of courage and faith he exhibited this week.


Jaime said...

Linnea also gave her teacher a Book of Mormon and bore her testimony to her. Her teacher also promised to read it. Our children are such great examples to us, aren't they? I know I need to have more courage like my children.

Natalie said...

Elder Russell M Nelson said at our stake conference this past weekend that if you read the Book of Mormon, you will know that it is true. So, now Adam, and Linnea need to follow up with their teachers to see that they are reading and to keep tabs on when they finish. Then, the next step is possible. I am really proud of Adam - and Linnea, too, even though I don't know her. Could I be so good? I have so much to share of our conference. Maybe this weekend I can do that.