Apr 14, 2011

Mom! Mom!

 So, I'm downstairs cleaning up lunch, and I hear, "Mom, Mom!"  I realize that brother #4 is upstairs and there are numerous things he could get in that he probably shouldn't be in.  Brother #3 and I raced upstairs to find this:

Brother #4 had climbed up the changing table and then on to the dresser.  Frightening for me.  (By the way-he has not done it again since.)  I stayed close by and asked Brother #3 to go get the camera so I could take pictures.  After all, this must be recorded for future reference.  :)

Yep-that's the edge!

But, he is still so stinkin' cute!

1 comment:

Jaime said...

Similarly scary things happen at my house every single day. You are lucky that was a singular event, thus far. I count myself lucky that I have others to help me keep watch over him.