Nov 16, 2011

Jared's Day

 Jared's days are pretty much a set routine and I just realized how much he depended on this routine when he started telling me what came next...

In the morning, he eats breakfast with his brothers and tries to finish before Benjamin leaves.  After prayers, he insists on being lifted up on the counter so he can look out the kitchen window and wave goodbye.

The next one to leave is Adam.  Jared follows Adam through the garage door, puts on his boots, grabs his bike and waits for Adam at the back gate.  Then Jared and Andrew race Adam down the sidewalk, all the while yelling "bye bye Adam",  "bye Jared" back and forth until Adam is out of sight.
Andrew and Jared then spend a couple of hours playing before it is time for lunch and we walk Andrew to the bus stop.  Jared is always ready with shoes in hand for this adventure.  He waves at Andrew until the bus is out of sight then he turns to me and says, "daddy!"
So we call dad on the cell phone, (it's lunch time for Steven in WY by now) and he has a quick chat with dad while we walk back to the house.  After his conversation is over, he grabs his blankie and pacifier and reminds me it's time for his nap.  By the time his nap is over, his brothers are getting home from school and all is right with the world again.

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